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DFG-funded research training GRK 1860 Micro-, meso- and macroporous nonmetallic Materials: Fundamentals and Applications (MIMENIMA)

Wednesday (07.10.2020)
13:00 - 13:20 Room 3
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The overall research idea of the research training group (RTG) MIMENIMA is the conditioning of novel porous ceramic structures and their surfaces for applications in important fields of energy, environmental, chemical processing and space technology. To this end, MIMENIMA addresses five research areas: Materials Engineering, Structure & Process Analysis, Fundamental Investigations of Fluid Transport through porous Media, Modelling & Simulation and Special Applications.

To achieve new, required complex ceramic structure and tailored surface chemistry for a particular application, MIMENIMA uses innovative manufacturing techniques developed in Bremen over the past years. With the aid of these novel ceramic manufacturing techniques, porous structures with pore sizes in the micro- (< 2nm), meso- (2 – 50 nm) and macropore (> 50 nm) range are generated for targeted applications. The surface chemistry is tailored accordingly, its mechanical stability assessed and its impact on mass and heat transport including catalytic reaction processes interdisciplinary investigated. The thorough characterisation of transport processes of the opaque three-dimensional actual structures requires imperatively the establishment of novel analytical methods. Thus, in MIMENIMA. nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR, also known as MRI or MRT) tomography was for the first time employed for spatial analysis of the liquid phase distribution and dynamic flow processes within porous ceramic materials, whereas X-ray tomography (X-CT) is applied for quantitative analysis of the ceramic structure.

MIMENIMA started in October 2013 with young researchers (PhDs and postdocs) with different cultural and scientific backgrounds like engineering, biology, chemistry and material sciences working together with an interdisciplinary team of 13 project leaders at the University of Bremen and University of Dresden on this challenging topic. In addition to this multidisciplinary research program MIMENIMA offers a tailored educational program with various elements.This presentation will act as short intoduction to the reseach idea and the educational program of MIMENIMA.

Prof. Dr. Kurosch Rezwan
University of Bremen
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Michaela Wilhelm
    Universität Bremen