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Oral Poster Presentation

Study of the thermal conductivity of powdered microcellular polymers based on PMMA

Wednesday (07.10.2020)
18:43 - 18:46

Cellular polymers are of great technological interest in sectors such as construction and automotive because of their low thermal conductivities, weight and cost. One way to further reduce weight and improve the thermal insulation capability of cellular polymers is pulverization, due to the presence of air between the powder particles. Thus, understanding the thermal conductivity of powdered cellular materials plays an important role in the field of thermal insulation. The irregular particle shapes, particle sizes distribution and densities, among other factors, make the prediction of the effective thermal conductivity still a challenge.

In this work, the thermal conductivity of powdered microcellular polymers is investigated in order to quantify the contribution of the different heat transfer mechanisms. The materials used for this study are microcellular polymers based on polymethylmetacrylate (PMMA) with different densities and cellular structures. These materials were powered and sieved, obtaining different powder size distributions, and the thermal conductivity of the obtained samples was measured. A theoretical model is developed to predict and quantify the thermal conductivity of powdered cellular polymers.


Ph.D. Ismael Sánchez
University of Valladolid
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Victoria Bernardo
    CellMat Technologies S.L
  • Prof. Dr. Miguel Angel Rodríguez Pérez
    University of Valladolid