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Oral Poster Presentation

Characterization of Al-SiCp foams synthesized by space-holder technique

Wednesday (07.10.2020)
19:19 - 19:22

Aluminum matrix composite foams (AMCFs) are providing a material class for the use in lightweight components. The combination of two different materials in the design of a porous structure provides a material with optimized specific mechanical properties. Especially the combination of Al with SiC is particularly relevant in this field. The ductility of Al with the brittleness of SiC leads to a material with optimized stiffness and strength. The macroscopic foam design increases the materials efficiency by increasing the specific properties through the use of a cellular structure. Since melting metallurgical processes only allow poor embedding and dispersion of particular SiC in the matrix of an Al foam, manufacturing and material technology detours have to be taken to produce a discontinuous reinforced AMCF. This work aims to contribute to the production and characterization of Al-SiCp foams by the use of a powder metallurgical space-holder process. The powder mixtures with different volume fractions of Al and SiC are processed in combination with carbamide particles by cold isostatic pressing to a green part. The following thermal multi-stage process generates an open-cell Al-SiCp AMCF by debinding the organic parts and sintering the Al and SiC particles. The as-gained results are evaluated by microscopic methods and mechanical testing to determine the correlation between the manufacturing results, microstructure and mechanical properties.

Pierre Kubelka
Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Alexander Martin Matz
    Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Norbert Jost
    Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences