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Oral Poster Presentation

Analysis of a AlMg2.5 matrix syntactic foam produced via thixoinfiltration of loosely packed and micro structured recycled balloons

Wednesday (07.10.2020)
19:25 - 19:28

Aluminum matrix syntactic foams (AMSF's) are a class of cellular metals with great potential to lightweight structural applications due to its features like low density, excellent specific stiffness, vibration damping, and high energy absorption efficiency. The thixoinfiltration process was used to produce an AlMg2.5 matrix syntactic foam with loosely packed and micro structured recycled balloons. Spectrometry, DSC, and Thermo-Calc analysis were conducted before the foam synthesis to comprehend the aluminum alloy thixohability. After the synthesis, compressive tests, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and X-ray microtomography (Micro CT) were performed to investigate the composite characteristics. SEM analysis demonstrated that only the aluminum liquidus fraction could infiltrate into the voids among balloons; as a result, a dendritic microstructure is produced with a globular region in its vicinity. The compressive tests enable the observation of the rigid body balloons' elastic zone behavior into the aluminum matrix. Further, the compressive results demonstrated that AMSF exhibits 34,95 MPa plateau stress, and it reaches 3.8 MPa compressive offset stress. Finally, according to the Micro CT analysis, there is a uniform balloon distribution, and a serotinous balloons collapse.

João Paulo Paschoal
State University of Campinas
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Fábio Gatamorta
    State University of Campinas
  • Rafael Moraes
    State University of Campinas
  • Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Lopes da Silva
    Federal University of Technology – Parana (UTFPR)