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Oral Poster Presentation

Characterization of porous titanium implants produced by 3D printer technique

Wednesday (07.10.2020)
19:34 - 19:37

In this study, porous titanium implants with 80% porosity in the central part of the implant body were produced by 3D printing technique using Ti6Al4v powder. Modelling of the implants was done by Rhinoceros 3D software. Implants with Different porosity structures were modeled to gain the best sample. Mechanical evaluation also were done to evaluate young's modulus of the porous implants and compare them by cortical bone. In-vitro assay, SEM and EDX analysis were used to evaluate biocompatibility, structure and composition of the samples. The results of structural evaluations indicated success in production and absence of undesirable phases in the final products. Compression test evaluations showed that all the samples have young modulus in the range of bone application.

Dr. Akram Salehi
Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research - ACECR
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Faezeh Barzegar
  • Dr. Ahmad Moloodi


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